So close, yet so different!

Western Uusimaa, the southernmost region of Finland, is located west of the capital region, along the Finnish south coast, between Helsinki and Turku. The distance is only a ½ – 2 hour drive from Helsinki. You can easily reach us by car, train, bus, bike or boat. The distance is perfect for a day tour from Helsinki!

What to see

In our area the nature is always close by to explore. You’ll find the sea and its outstanding archipelago, clean forest lakes and rivers to explore by boat or canoe. Take a walk in the forest and enjoy your lunch made over open fire.

Our service providers offer various nature activities, like canoeing, biking or boat tours into the beautiful archipelago. Alternatively you can just stroll around in our idyllic small towns and enjoy the stress free atmosphere or sit on the sea shore and watch the sun go down. Remember to visit our unique manor houses and iron works villages, like Svartå Manor, Billnäs, Fagervik or Fiskars Village.

Our region offers many types of different accomodation but it lacks big hotels with hundreds of rooms. Our area is perfect for individual travellers who like to explore and find their own special adventures and jewels.

The best times to visit is from May to October.

For whom

The Western Uusimaa area is attractive to many different types of visitors but we can indentify a few typical individual travellers. People who visit our region often look for a tour with a variety of things to see and do. One typical visitor is a couple on a self guided tour by car. They love to explore the old wooden towns and the local restaurants. They are interested in history and love the tranquility of the countryside.

The second is a family with one or more children that enjoy the beaches, a fishing tour or a few hours in a playground our childfirendly museum, all in a safe enviroment for the children. The families often look for accomodation in cottages where they can care for themselves. The third type of individual traveller (mostly domestic) comes for all the different happenings that take place during the summer concerts, slow food festival, markets, summer theatres, sports tournaments etc.

Groups are often interested in typical historic sites like Raseborg Castel ruins or the ironworks with Fiskars setting the standard for modern design fused with traditional surroundings.


As well as working as an incoming tour operator, we also work close with the tourist municipalities of Hanko and Raasepori as well as HelsinkiWest, a registered association of companies working within tourism in the region of Western Uusimaa.

If you need information on the region or contact information to a specific service providor, please let us know.

We co-operate with both domestic and foreign agents. Our foreign agents are usual specialised in Scandinavia and have tours to Helsinki, Lapland and the Lake Land but want to try something new for the summer season. They offer mostly tours for individual travellers. Round trips by car are very popular.

Contact information

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