2 day tour: The King’s road

The King’s road in Finland is the most significant travel route in the Nordic countries. This self drive tour takes you from Finland’s former capital Turku to the current capital Helsinki along the coastline.

The great Coastal Road, called the King’s Road, is a part of the historical mail road. Already in the 14th century, the King’s Road has stretched from Bergen, Norway, following an old postal route going via Oslo to Stockholm, Sweden. From there it runs further to Mariehamn on the Åland islands, in Finland. The route continues through the archipelago to Turku and via coastal areas of Southern Finland finally all the way to Vyborg and St. Petersburg in Russia.

In the south of Finland, a great part of the original road is still in use and it provides a great number of attractions and interesting stopping places along the route. The King’s Road is the first official tourist road of Finland and you can discover and admire not only a number of manor houses, farms, medieval churches and charming, little villages but also many modern attractions. Travelling from Turku to east, the route runs close by roads 51, 52, and E18, and is marked with clear brown signs with a picture of a golden crown and the text Kuninkaantie, King’s Road. 80 % of the original King’s Road is still used as a public road. The length of the road in the present-day territory of Finland is approx. 510 km.

In Raseborg, the King’s Road runs via Tenala towards Pojo when coming from Turku. From Pojo village the road continues to Fiskars Village. After Pojo church, the King’s Road runs through Billnäs Village along the Svartå River.

At Karis Kroggård the road branches off to northern and southern parts. The northern King’s Road passes through Svartå to Lohja and further to Siuntio, whereas the southern branch takes you to Ekenäs and Raseborg Castle Ruins, continuing to Fagervik and further to Ingå and Siuntio, where the northern and southern branches are reunited.

This tour takes you along the southern branch of the King’s road.


Drive to Tenala and Pohja, once an important hub with i.a. manor houses, ironworks, inns, harbours, and a lookout hill. The King’s road continues to Billnäs village and Fiskars village, two former ironwork villages that now offer summer travellers a delightful selection of quaint scenery, art, design and antiques. You get a guided tour of the two villages before lunch at restaurant Kuparipaja in Fiskars. After lunch, you will have time to get acquainted with Fiskars village on your own.

The tour continues to Ekenäs where you will spend the night by the sea at Hotel Sea Front. Ekenäs, as from the beginning of this year, part of the city of Raseborg, was founded by the Swedish King Gustavus Wasa in 1546, four years before the same king founded Helsinki.

Ekenäs was to become a big centre for international trade. However, Ekenäs always remained the tranquil and easy going small picturesque town as it is still today.

During the walk on the seashore, you can admire the wooden houses in the Old Town, small marinas and lush green park. Ramsholmen nature park area lies less than a mile from the city centre, and is the place where locals go to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the nature.


After breakfast, you will continue along the King’s road to Raseborg castle ruins. The Raseborg Castle was contructed 1373-78 and was the centre of civilization along the coast line between Turku in the west and Viborg in the east.  In 1553 the castle was abandoned and left untouched for 300 years.  You will be guided through the castle and its fascinating history by castle maiden Katarina. Lunch is served in the castle guards’ lodge next to the castle.

The tour continues toward Fagervik in Ingå. Situated beautifully by the lake, in the midst of lush vegetation and ancient trees, Fagervik is well worth a visit. Nowhere else in Finland can such a complete 18th century milieu be found. The mansion with its French garden, the church, the cottages and the iron forges all bear witness of generations of industrious labour and devotion to the land.

The tour ends in Sjundeå where the two part of the King’s rod unite in Sunnanvik.




  • Accomodation
  • Guided tour in English in Billnäs and Fiskars
  • 2 x lunch
  • Guided tour in English in Raseborg castle (May to September)
  • information package (map of the tour including information and history of the King’s road, what to see and do in the region during the tour)


  • Transportation
  • insurance

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On request all year round.

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